Sportsmanship has a lot of meaning to the game and has a big impact on it now more than ever. To me it is starting to make the game softer as they continue to enforce more rules about good sportsmanship.  As far as shaking hands after a game I say it’s a good idea to but shouldn’t be forced upon a player.

In today’s game there are so many things that are looked at as bad sportsmanship. Which is making it harder to play some of these contact sports competitively. It’s not they are doing it on purpose but with so many situations that ended up bad in the past, they just start going after every little thing.

As far as shaking hands after a competition I think I player should do that. The reason that I think they should because if you’re anything like I am in a game it tends to get real intense. Trash talk, pushing, grabbing, all of those things, and if I don’t shake your hand and let you know that it wasn’t anything personal, it will carry on. Maybe to after the game, maybe to back home or anywhere I might see you. Nevertheless it still shouldn’t be mandatory. To me it seems that this is only a problem with those who lose the competition, not saying I wouldn’t be the same way losing in something. But would it be more frowned upon if a person who won didn’t shake hands? Would you even notice it, because the loser doesn’t shake hands anyway, so would they just go their separate ways?.


Mandatory to stand during Anthem?

Today’s class discussion about standing during the anthem had many different view points. I didn’t voice my opinion because it is hard to feel how people feel or understand the true feeling behind certain situations. So unless you have been in a situation to feel police brutality you won’t fully understand why people feel the way they do towards it. Nevertheless, not saying Kaepernick has experienced the type of situations that some of the supporters have, but we can’t say he hasn’t been through something like it. So that being said I believe that Kaepernick stand for and respects everything that the anthem represents, but unlike Beyoncé who wore a black sleeve during performance to represent the same cause, he doesn’t have a big enough stage to be recognized when he does it. So the next biggest stage to be seen getting across a point for him is the national anthem. So I feel that’s why he decided to do it during the National Anthem, just like others that have done it, do it during their spotlight time.

At the same time, speaking on kneeling during the anthem, how far is too far? Is that the only thing that is frowned upon? Does this issue matter as much when it is a different race? It may just be me, but there are far more things that I have seen people do that is looked at as ok. People have worn hats during the anthem, not put hands over heart, hung torn beat up flags. Like what if there was a terrorist that that stand sing and represent, is that better than a guy kneeling. Or even the fact that the military pays pro sports 10 million to put the flag on the field, sing the anthem and pay tribute to those who served. Is that less frowned upon than kneeling? So that being said i dont think it should be mandatory to stand.–kneels-during-national-anthem-ahead-of-game-against-bears-at-soldier-field/1639268/

NCAA Drug Testing Policies

This week we talked about the NCAA and its drug testing policies, the good things about it the bad things about it and the in-betweens. We had many different viewpoints, and many different opinions about the conflict. Some that I agreed with and there was some that I did not agree with. The main thing I agreed with was the drug testing policy itself. I do think that the NCAA having “random” drug testing is a good idea. Some players would get out of hand with them if they didn’t do drug testing. The testing of PED more than those of the many other things that they test for, but also those of some street drugs I agree on them testing for because it can also be used as an enhancer as well.

That being said the testing style and making certain drugs illegal I do not agree with. Such as marijuana, and certain pain killers I don’t think should be tested for. Some pain is too powerful to get over using Advil and jumping into an ice bath. So sometimes you may need pain pills just to get through your day, yeah some over use them and get addicted, but that’s because that player is in so much pain they can’t even sleep at night because the pain is so much. That’s why I agree so much on the use of weed should not be tested for. Weed when used by athletes is said to be used for heeling reasons, when an athlete is in pain they smoke weed to feel calm and get rid of some of that pain. Mainly can be used for those athletes who don’t want to get addicted to a drug like pain pills that can actually hurt you and do something more natural to feel better.

Should Kids be Given Participation Trophies ?

I don’t think that participation trophies are too much of a big deal. My outlook on it is kind of in between, I think that it does have the capability of sending the wrong signal, but can be good on a kid’s pride. It could send the wrong signal by showing that even though you may fail, you still receive the same thing as if you win. Which is not the way to look at sports when you are involved in them. It is a competition, so if you win you should be noticed by things for winning, and if you don’t end up winning you should not get anything for that.

Now there are places and corporations that do give participation trophies, such as Kids Incorporated. In track after every race they have colored ribbons for every participant. Now though they do have different colors that represents different places, the kids just take them and are happy with the effort that they put forth. Which I totally agree with, these kids are here having fun and don’t need their prides brought down by some old guy who shoots a gun and holds up a ribbon. I do think that up until a certain age or level of competition this should go on. As soon as the sport turns from kids just out there having fun, to kids who are there to compete, they should stop giving participation trophies. Some kids aren’t even there because they want to be in the first place, they may not even like what they are doing they are just there because their parents made them. So some could care less about it they just may want to get a trophy and go on about their day.

What sport should be added?

In my opinion and for some of my selfish reasoning, I believe that girls’ soccer should be added to Chadron State College. Yes the college already has a number of different sports for the school such as football, basketball, wrestling, track and field and cross country for the men’s side, and volleyball, basketball, track and field, cross country, golf and softball for the women’s. Which the women do have the upper hand already in the number of sports but the number of athletes is pretty even due to some of the men’s sports needing more athletes. Though in my opinion the number men athletes still outweighs the girls in why I think they should women’s soccer.

I do also believe that the sport of soccer is very interesting to watch, the competition level, the level of physicality, also the talent displayed. That being said I believe that it will bring in many fans that will support. It’s played in the warmer season, outside, and it gives students and fans something different to do. It also bring a rowdier type of fan support, see lot more body paint and different types of chants than you would in some of the sports that we do have. Now yes it will be costly as any sport would, soccer scholarships range about $11,750 per year, but that being said they only get to give 9.9 equivalency’s, or “full rides” compared to footballs 36. It also will bring in lots of money from these fans and boosters as well.

Should “DFS” be legal ?

In the gambling world there are many different ways of gambling. Gambling being described as a game of chance. Fantasy league to me isn’t that, because in order to pick the right players and the right team you have to have knowledge of that person. Knowledge of that sport and knowing situations and playing conditions, which to me is skill. Where in some states it is illegal to bet on chance and not on skill, so I feel that daily fantasy should be legal to do. Not only does it fit in with the law but it also bring in billions. Saahil Sud has made over 3 million in a year playing daily fantasy sports that alone is enough to make a person a living, some people are even quitting their jobs and living off of fantasy play.


Yeah even if it is illegal there are still those who will continue to do it, rather black market, or some type of way that not many can find out about. “Daily games will generate around $2.6 billion in entry fees this year”, that alone will draw in millions of people who are willing to do the gambling illegally. So instead of trying to stop people why not go with it and putting a limit or control on it. Making it legal and putting a tax on it will not only stop the amount of people that do it illegally, but will also give them extra money that they are missing out on.

NFL & NBA College Requirement

As a college athlete there are many things that are looked at by professional scouts. Eligibility being the first because without that none of the  other fields matter. Also they are looking for discipline, talent, and physical build both weight and height. One major reason that most people think that it is the right choice making athletes go to college before they are able to advance into the pros. Which i disagree on, yeah there are some players that are not physically built enough coming out of high school to perform at the professional level, and in that case should go to college prepare.  That being said those are players that would not be getting scouted by pro scouts out of high school and their only choice would be college. what about the players who are ready and physically built enough to go. Phenom Zion Williamson, who is a massive 6-foot 7-inch, 225 pound high school basketball player. A kid who is being compared to two of the greatest basketball players to play, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. Two players who both where fit enough to skip college and go straight pro at a young age.

Some also say its for the better of the player, preparing them for life, teaching them how to manage their money also giving them a chance at a degree. Which are in fact great reasons, but what better way to learn about something then to be put into the position to do it. Yeah you may mess up with over spending, but half of that is going to their family who may be in poverty. To me the best teacher is failure, and if all else fails there is always opportunity to go back to college after the pros in order to get your degree and start another path.