Should athletes who use PED be allowed in the hall of fame?

Performance enhancing drugs are meant to do exactly that of its name, enhance performance. “It does give athletes a certain “extra push”,” a responder from implies. The definition of enhance is to intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of something. So it would take what the muscles are now and improve and increase their ability. That being said, that’s all it does. Intensify the muscles, but if you don’t have any muscles to intensify what does it do. What I mean by that is it isn’t a super drug that promises that you’ll be a super athlete after taking it you still have to have a great work ethic to keep it from having negative effects.


Just like that of the P.E.D you guys are only focusing on that of the muscle aspect. So to me you are saying if they didn’t have crazy strength then these guys who are hall of fame athletes would just be a regular and shouldn’t be recognized. What about the other stuff like IQ, hand eye coordination, the ability to locate a speeding fast ball in order to hit it, or even the ability to throw a curve ball, all things that go along with it. Muscles without talent behind it that’s just like taking the drugs but not putting the effort to making the drugs useful. That would make them a regular athlete, but stronger, in that case they can body build but even that takes a lot of effort.




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