Mandatory to stand during Anthem?

Today’s class discussion about standing during the anthem had many different view points. I didn’t voice my opinion because it is hard to feel how people feel or understand the true feeling behind certain situations. So unless you have been in a situation to feel police brutality you won’t fully understand why people feel the way they do towards it. Nevertheless, not saying Kaepernick has experienced the type of situations that some of the supporters have, but we can’t say he hasn’t been through something like it. So that being said I believe that Kaepernick stand for and respects everything that the anthem represents, but unlike Beyoncé who wore a black sleeve during performance to represent the same cause, he doesn’t have a big enough stage to be recognized when he does it. So the next biggest stage to be seen getting across a point for him is the national anthem. So I feel that’s why he decided to do it during the National Anthem, just like others that have done it, do it during their spotlight time.

At the same time, speaking on kneeling during the anthem, how far is too far? Is that the only thing that is frowned upon? Does this issue matter as much when it is a different race? It may just be me, but there are far more things that I have seen people do that is looked at as ok. People have worn hats during the anthem, not put hands over heart, hung torn beat up flags. Like what if there was a terrorist that that stand sing and represent, is that better than a guy kneeling. Or even the fact that the military pays pro sports 10 million to put the flag on the field, sing the anthem and pay tribute to those who served. Is that less frowned upon than kneeling? So that being said i dont think it should be mandatory to stand.–kneels-during-national-anthem-ahead-of-game-against-bears-at-soldier-field/1639268/