NFL & NBA College Requirement

As a college athlete there are many things that are looked at by professional scouts. Eligibility being the first because without that none of the  other fields matter. Also they are looking for discipline, talent, and physical build both weight and height. One major reason that most people think that it is the right choice making athletes go to college before they are able to advance into the pros. Which i disagree on, yeah there are some players that are not physically built enough coming out of high school to perform at the professional level, and in that case should go to college prepare.  That being said those are players that would not be getting scouted by pro scouts out of high school and their only choice would be college. what about the players who are ready and physically built enough to go. Phenom Zion Williamson, who is a massive 6-foot 7-inch, 225 pound high school basketball player. A kid who is being compared to two of the greatest basketball players to play, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. Two players who both where fit enough to skip college and go straight pro at a young age.

Some also say its for the better of the player, preparing them for life, teaching them how to manage their money also giving them a chance at a degree. Which are in fact great reasons, but what better way to learn about something then to be put into the position to do it. Yeah you may mess up with over spending, but half of that is going to their family who may be in poverty. To me the best teacher is failure, and if all else fails there is always opportunity to go back to college after the pros in order to get your degree and start another path.