NCAA Drug Testing Policies

This week we talked about the NCAA and its drug testing policies, the good things about it the bad things about it and the in-betweens. We had many different viewpoints, and many different opinions about the conflict. Some that I agreed with and there was some that I did not agree with. The main thing I agreed with was the drug testing policy itself. I do think that the NCAA having “random” drug testing is a good idea. Some players would get out of hand with them if they didn’t do drug testing. The testing of PED more than those of the many other things that they test for, but also those of some street drugs I agree on them testing for because it can also be used as an enhancer as well.

That being said the testing style and making certain drugs illegal I do not agree with. Such as marijuana, and certain pain killers I don’t think should be tested for. Some pain is too powerful to get over using Advil and jumping into an ice bath. So sometimes you may need pain pills just to get through your day, yeah some over use them and get addicted, but that’s because that player is in so much pain they can’t even sleep at night because the pain is so much. That’s why I agree so much on the use of weed should not be tested for. Weed when used by athletes is said to be used for heeling reasons, when an athlete is in pain they smoke weed to feel calm and get rid of some of that pain. Mainly can be used for those athletes who don’t want to get addicted to a drug like pain pills that can actually hurt you and do something more natural to feel better.


Should Cheer be considered a sport?

“Exercise, ice and a lot of Advil. And do everything you can to keep it stable,” just a little something that athletes tend to have to do in order to play. Working to get their sore and injured bodies going in order to compete to the best of their ability. Which some would agree is a part of being an athlete of a sport, but Eileen Bangaoil, the person who said that, is not on a “sports” team. She went into surgery for an ACL injury that limited her ability for the time being. They go through the same things in order to perform as an athlete on a sports team does, so why what she does isn’t considered a sport.

The definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Which cheer-leading in fact fits all of those requirements. Agreeing with the point of some cheer not exactly having much physicality needed to be involved with but that is pure entertainment. “The truth is, there really isn’t a solid definition of “official” sport,” is correct don’t you think? Anything that involves physical skill and the training and practice of that physicality in order to enhance those abilities for the opportunity to win in a competition should then be considered a sport. Whereas would be placing cheer-leading under the category of sport and not taking or changing something defined as a sport or competition out of its category.