What sport should be added?

In my opinion and for some of my selfish reasoning, I believe that girls’ soccer should be added to Chadron State College. Yes the college already has a number of different sports for the school such as football, basketball, wrestling, track and field and cross country for the men’s side, and volleyball, basketball, track and field, cross country, golf and softball for the women’s. Which the women do have the upper hand already in the number of sports but the number of athletes is pretty even due to some of the men’s sports needing more athletes. Though in my opinion the number men athletes still outweighs the girls in why I think they should women’s soccer.

I do also believe that the sport of soccer is very interesting to watch, the competition level, the level of physicality, also the talent displayed. That being said I believe that it will bring in many fans that will support. It’s played in the warmer season, outside, and it gives students and fans something different to do. It also bring a rowdier type of fan support, see lot more body paint and different types of chants than you would in some of the sports that we do have. Now yes it will be costly as any sport would, soccer scholarships range about $11,750 per year, but that being said they only get to give 9.9 equivalency’s, or “full rides” compared to footballs 36. It also will bring in lots of money from these fans and boosters as well.